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Type made methods instructions

connecting type code

connecting type code connecting type code
internal thread 1 wafer 7
external thread 2 clamp 8
flange 4 ferrule 9
welding 6    

structural type code

structural type code
spring sealing with heat radiation disc fall lift 0
low lift 1
fall lift 2
with wrench fall lift 4
unsealing double spring low lift 3
fall lift 8
low lift 7
with control device fall lift 6
lever single lever    
fall lift 2
angle low lift 5
double lever    
fall lift 4
  pilot type 9

seat sealing surface material code

seat sealing surface material code seat sealing surface material code
copper alloy T Ammonia permeability steel D
rubber X Boronizing Steel P
nylon plastic N hard alloy Y
Acid-resistant alloy steel or stainless steel H body processing W
Tin-based bearing alloy (babbitt) B    
Note: When the seat and disc sealing surface material is different, using low hardness materials code.

nominal pressure code

PN code use Arabic numerals, its value is based on MPa as the unit of the nominal pressure value of 10 times. When annotating working temperature and working pressure, working pressure shall be marked with the P and P-word maximum temperature lower right corner of additional media figures, the figure is based on the maximum temperature of 10 in addition to medium derived from an integer value. Such as: an operating temperature is 540 ℃, working pressure is 10MPa, its code is P54100.

body material code

body material code body material code
grey cast iron H carbon steel C
ductile cast iron Q Cr-Mo alloy steel I
    Cr-Ni-Ti steel P
    Cr-Mo-V steel V
Note: PN ≤ 1.6MPa gray cast iron body, and PN ≥ 2.5MPa carbon steel body, omitted this code
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