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The installation

(1) The new-installed safety valve should be accompanied by product certification, and rechecked before installation, adding lead sealing and to be issued by the safety valve check.
(2)Safety valve should be installed vertically, and installed in the container or pipe gas interface position
(3)Safety valve outlet should be no resistance, to avoid the back-pressure phenomenon, if install drainage pipe, its diameter should be larger than the outlet diameter, valve exclude port should be noted antifreezing, to fitting flammable or toxic, poisonous media containers, discharge tubes should be straight-through to a safe place outdoors or proper treatment facilities, discharge tubes are not allowed to install any valves.
(4)Between the Pressure-bearing equipments and safety valves should not install any valves relief valve between the equipment and shall not be fitted with any valve, right Sheng flammable, explosive, toxic or viscous medium container, for ease of replacement, cleaning and closing valves can be installed, its structure and diameter size should not hinder safety valve for normal operation. Normal operation, the cut-off valves must be fully open and add seals.
(5)To inflammable and explosive or toxic media pressure vessel, safety valve discharge medium must have safety devices and recovery systems. Installation of lever-type safety valve must be kept vertical position, spring safety valve is also preferably installed vertically, so as not to affect their actions. The installation should also be noted to match with the coaxial degree and each bolt should be forced uniformly. The connecting short-tube cross-sectional area between safety valve and boiler pressure vessel should not less than the flow cross-section, the entire valve is installed in a connecting pipe at the same time, connecting pipe cross-sectional area should not be less than 1.25 times of the sum of safety valve flow cross-sectional area.

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