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Impulse Spring Safety Valve

manufacturer: Shanghai Fengqi Industry Development Co., Ltd.

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product drawing

A49Y Impulse spring safety valves
A49Y Impulse spring safety valves


The valve is mainly used for power station boilers, pressure containers, pressure and temperature reducing devices and other equipments, to prevent the pressure exceeding the maximum allowable pressure value, and ensures the safe operation of the equipments.

Structural introductions

1. the valve is mainly composed by body, bonnet,disc and other parts, and regulates the impulse safety valve opening pressure through the adjustment of spring.
2. the valve has an electromagnet that is applied to open and close, the actions of machines and the electrical equipment will not affect each other.
3. both the seat and disc sealing surface are made of Fe-based Cr-Ni stainless steel bead welding.

Installation instructions

1. impulse safety valve A49H-Pw54 14V DN20 should be matched with A49Y-Pw54 14V DN100, impulse safety valve A49H-Pw54 2.55V DN25 and main safety valve A49Y-Pw54 2.55V DN200 for use.
2. impulse safety valve should be installed strictly vertically, the stem is up-ward, and the pipelines should be washed cleanly.
3. The extract pipe of pulse safety valve should keep a longer distance with the inlet pipe of the main safety valve, the distance between electric contact pressure gauge and the inlet pipe of main safety valve should not less than five times of the inlet diameter of the main safety valve, in order to avoid affecting electric contact pressure gauge and pulse safety valve working correctness due to exhaust when the main valve moves.
4. the valve should be installed on a special support with electromagnet,and the valve should be connected with electromagnet flexibly, without jam phenomenon.

Dimensions & constructral diagram

A49Y Impulse spring safety valve constructral diagram
A49Y Impulse spring safety valve constructral diagram

Main external and connection dimensions

Type Nominal diameter Connecting dimensions
L L1 H D D1 D2 B z-φd DN D
A49Y-10 20 320 154 488 125 90 51 28 4-18 20 28
A49H-Pw54 2.55V 25 256 154 443 135 100 43 24 4-18 20 28
A49H-Pw54 10V 20 320 154 488 130 90 35 28 4-23 20 28
A49H-Pw54 14V 20 320 166 480 140 95 35 32 4-25 20 28
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